Preparation for the test

No special preparation is required.
Please take medications as normal.
There is no need to fast for this test.


Test Information

An ambulatory  Blood Pressure monitor is used to record blood pressure monitors over a 24 hour period.
The test is harmless and painless.
No medication is given for the test.
A Blood pressure cuff is worn on the left arm for the 24 hour test period, and is attached to a small test unit  worn around the belt line.
The cuff will inflate at regular intervals, and when this occurs we ask that patients remain relatively still with the left arm by the side.
It takes approximately 10 minutes to attach the device on day one, and about 2 minutes to detach the device on the next day.


After the test

There are no special requirements for the patient after the test.  No drugs are given, so patients can drive as normal.


Test Results

Blood pressure recordings will be sent to one of our Senior Cardiologists for assessment in Melbourne. Results are typically back with the referring doctor within three days.